Data Protection

Privacy Policy

1.1. In agreement with articles 13 and 14 of the RGPD you are informed of the following data:

ADDRESS: C/ Binicanella, 2 (07560 ), Cala Millor, Illes Balears.
PHONE NUMBER: 971 58 58 71 FAX:

AIM: in HOTEL VORAMAR,S.L. we treat the information that clients procure for the Purchase/Procurement of services and or products through the website. Management of the information and commercial prospection. In order to offer you services according to your interests, we will prepare a commercial profile. There will be no automatic decisions regarding such profile. The procured personal data will be kept while the professional relationship between both parties is still active and the interested party does not want them to be suppressed within a time lapse of 5 years after the last procurement and/or professional service done by you.

LEGITIMATION: the legal basis for your personal data treatment is the execution of a contract through a Professional Service file and/or a service lease, as stated in the Commerce code and the Civil Code. There is an obligation of invoicing as stated in the Commerce code, General Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law and Personal Income Tax, as well as the Information Society Services’ Law 34/2002 articles 20 and 21. The prospective offer of products and services is based on the consent that is asked to you without it meaning that retiring it affects the contract of purchase/procurement of services there is an obligation to procure personal data. Otherwise, neither the Purchase/Procurement of services and or products through the website nor the Management of the information and commercial prospection cannot be procured/purchased.

RECIPIENTS: we will not assign personal data to third parties unless there is a legal obligation. There will be no decisions regarding suitability, guarantees, binding corporate rules or other applicable specific situations.

RIGHTS: Any person has the right to have confirmed whether in HOTEL VORAMAR,S.L. we are dealing with relevant personal data for themselves or not. Involved people have the right to Access their own personal data, and to ask for its amendment of inaccurate data, as well as to ask for its removal when, among other reasons, these data is not needed for the objectives it was collected. In certain cases, applicants may ask for a limitation regarding our treatment of their data, in which case we will only save them to claim or defend ourselves from claimants. You have the right to claim to the Control Authority: Agencia Española de Protección Datos. WWW.AGPD.ES; SOURCE: THE SOLICITOR.

1.2. The client expressly accepts that any data obtained while using the website, or which has been provided through filling out any forms that are contained therein, as well as any data resulting from any possible commercial relationship, may be included in an automated personal data file of the type described in section 1.1. During the process of data collection and on all pages of this website where personal data is asked for, the client will be informed with the help of a hyperlink or an explicit mention in the form itself about the compulsory or optional character of the recollection of such data. Every client that decides to register on the website of our company will be asked for those data that are necessary to fulfil the purposes of this company, which are service providing and/or selling of offered products in the website.

1.3. With respect to the data collected in the manner provided in the preceding paragraph, the client may exercise his rights according to the articles 15-21 of the Ruleset (UE) 2016/679, and in particular their right to access, rectify, cancel and object to such data, as well as treatment limitation data portability and automatized individual decisions. Likewise, he may withdraw his consent for the transfer of the collected data or the treatment of these data for any of the uses described above. Any client may exercise his rights referred to in the previous paragraph with the help of a cancellation request form that has to be requested from us by e-mail. The written and signed form together with a copy of the client’s identity document shall be sent by postal mail to the following address: company: HOTEL VORAMAR,S.L. with corporate address in C/ Binicanella, 2 (07560 ), Cala Millor, Illes Balears, attaching, in any case, the client’s ID card photocopy.

1.4. Automatized treatment with which your data will be collected as a consequence of queries, using, hiring or buying any product, as well as of any transaction or operation done in this webpage has as a main end the management of the contractual relationship with the owner of this website.

1.5. You authorize the reception of promotional information about our services and products. Your personal data will be used for the sole purpose of sending the promotional information by traditional or electronic means. In the case of the electronic e-mail addresses or the website contact form, the data that you provide to us per e-mail or through the form will be used exclusively to respond to the queries that you convey to us by these means. We will apply what is stated in articles 22.1 and 22.2 of Law 34/2002, of July 11th, of information society services and e-commerce that is modified by article 4 of the royal decree 13/2012 regarding the usage and treatment of personal data in terms of advertising.

1.6. The entity guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data. Notwithstanding this, the entity will submit to the competent public authorities any personal data or other information in its possession or accessible through its systems which may be required in compliance with legal provisions and regulations applicable to the case. Even after the relationship established through the website has terminated, personal data may be kept in the files owned by HOTEL VORAMAR,S.L. exclusively for the purposes indicated above and, in any case, within the legally established time limits for putting the collected personal data at the disposal of the administrative or judicial authorities.

Conditions of Reservation


Through our online reservation service, you are hiring a reservation of a touristic room, submitted to the following conditions.

The following General Conditions stablish, among with the rest of terms and conditions, the legal framework that regulates the hiring and reservation of a room through the website This webpage belongs to HOTEL VORAMAR,S.L., NIF/CIF: B07071574, Address: C/ Binicanella, 2 (07560 ) - Cala Millor - Illes Balears, Phone number: 971 58 58 71. Fax: . E-mail: . Registered in the commercial registry of .

HOTEL VORAMAR,S.L. activity is offering hotel services. For further information, you may contact us in Phone 971 58 58 71 or .

This hiring conditions regulate the terms for the hiring of the offered products by the company through their website and the related economic remuneration and/or payment done by the client.

The company offers to the addressee, before the procedure starts and through techniques that are adequate to the used communication medium, easily, freely, and permanently, clear, comprehensive, and unequivocal information about the following.

A) The different procedures that need to be followed to accept these General Hiring Conditions.

B) Electronic files of these general hiring conditions, thus being accessible at any time.

C) The company uses technical media that the client is able to use in order to correct and identify errors.

D) The language in which this conditions will appear is English.

E) Before starting the procedure, the company offers the client the general hiring conditions so they can be stored and reproduced by the client.

F) The online hiring of the offered products by the company through this web will be subject to what appears in the legal notice of the webpage.

G) These general hiring conditions have been elaborated in agreement with what is established in law 34/2002, of information society services and electronic commerce. The law 7/1998 of general hiring conditions, Royal decree 1906/1999 for which phone or electronic hiring is regulated with general conditions in development of article 5.3 of law 7/1998; the Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, of November 16, for which the combined text of the General Law of the defense of consumers and users is approved and other complementary laws; .

H) For the acquisition and/or reservation of any of the services of hotel rooms of the company through the webpage these conditions must be accepted without reservations, and including all of these conditions, along with the Particular Conditions that are applied to each reserved and/or hired product.

I) The Company informs that the procedures to hire the offered services of room reservations are those that are described in these conditions, as well as those that are specified in the webpage through the customer’s navigation, so the client declares to know and accept such procedures as needed to reserve and/or hire the offered services of room reservations.

J) All the information offered throughout the hiring process will be stored by the company. Any modification or correction of the client’s acquired data must be done as stated in the Webpage.

K) By sending these data, clients give their consent to have their data treated by the company in order to the client’s acquisition and/or hiring of the services of room reservation that the company sells.

L) The client hires and/or reserves the company services of room reservations, and the company accepts the assignment of selling the selected services of room reservations in the web, as stated in these general conditions.

M) The seller keeps the right to modify unilaterally these conditions, without that affecting the services of room reservations or promos that were hired before such modification.


The seller of the hired services by the user is HOTEL VORAMAR,S.L., a hotel company that provides services of room reservation. is registered under the name of HOTEL VORAMAR,S.L.. The commercial brand is correctly registered under the name of the Company.

  1. These conditions have as their main aim to state the conditions that apply when selling and hiring products in These conditions will regulate the contractual relationship of buying/selling and/or the generated hiring between the Seller and the Hirer at the moment in which the latter accepts the corresponding tick-box at the buying/hiring online process. The characteristics of the hired/bought products are shown in the web.The characteristics of the hired services will appear in the webpage, as well as the particularities of each transaction that can be done in this webpage, always in English.
  2. Hiring any products through the webpage implies the complete acceptance and subjection to these General conditions.
  3. The company through the webpage provides services for room reservation/purchase. This transaction will be ruled by the Hiring Conditions specified here and the Particular conditions that are applied to the acquisition and/or hiring of each product.
  4. The applicable prices to the hired/reserved products are those indicated in the website at the time of the hiring and/or acquisition, and:

    Offers are correctly shown and identified indicating the Price before the offer and during the offer.

  5. All media and technical requirements that are required to access the webpage and the offered services of room reservations will be full responsibility of the user.
  6. Once accessing the web, to continue to reserve and hire any services of room reservation, Users Will follow any indication and instruction that appears in the webpage, filling for this the acknowledgement of having read and accepting the General Conditions, as well as any particular condition that applies.

Hiring the services of room reservations will be done through the specific selection of the product/s through the selection elements that the webpage has installed. Once selected and verified the application for reservation/hiring, the conditions will be completely accepted by you, without reserves, as stated in the company’s website, before acquiring such products.

Once accepted, the user acquires the condition of Client of the company/entity.

Any product or service offered by the company afterwards will be subject to a new hiring/acquiring procedure.

Clients are advised to read with caution these conditions and print them on paper or save them electronically.

Cookies Policy

The company HOTEL VORAMAR,S.L., with CIF: B07071574, Address: C/ Binicanella, 2, 07560 , Cala Millor, Illes Balears, email: and website: expressly informs the user that this website uses first-party and third-party cookies to enhance user’s interaction experience and the way services are received on this site. When browsing or using our services the user expressly accepts our use of cookies. Notwithstanding that, the user has the possibility to block and eliminate the cookies by selecting the corresponding option on the browser that is being used. If the user blocks the use of cookies in his/her browser, this may have the consequence that some of the services and functionalities of the website will not be available.

*First-party (own) cookies: These are cookies that are sent to the terminal equipment of the user from an equipment or domain managed by the administrator, i.e. from where the services requested by the user are provided.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file which is downloaded from a website and which certain webs send to the browser of the user. These files are than stored in the user’s terminal equipment, which may be a personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. These files allow the website to remember information about the user’s visit, such as language and his/her preferred options. This enables the website to recover information about browsing from the user’s equipment in order to ease subsequent visits and make the website more useful for the user by customizing its content.

How are cookies being used?

When browsing on this website users accept cookies to be installed in their terminal, which allows us to obtain the following information:

  • Statistical information about the web use.
  • User’s login in order to keep the web session active.
  • Preferred web format when browsing from mobile devices.
  • Last searches performed when using the services offered on the website, as well as data about the personalization of these services.
  • Information about advertisements shown to the user.
  • Information about surveys the user has completed.
  • Data about the connection to social networks (for users who access using their Facebook or Twitter account).
Types of cookies used

This website uses both temporary session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies only store data while users access the website, whereas persistent cookies store data in the terminal equipment in order to be accessed and used in more than one session. They are used to store information that is useful for providing the service requested by the user at a single occasion.

Depending on the purpose of processing the data obtained through cookies, the website can use:

1. Technical cookies

These cookies enable the user to browse a website, platform or application and make use of the different options or services offered thereon; these types of cookies may be used for example to control traffic and data communication, identify the session, grant access to restricted areas, remember items in an order, make the purchase of an order, fill out a registration or request form to participate in an event, apply security features while browsing, store content in order to disseminate video or sound files or share content through social network platforms.

2. Customisation cookies

These cookies enable the user to access and receive the offered services based on some general predefined features which are configured on the user’s device according to a set of specific criteria such as language, type of browser used to access the services, geographical location of the terminal and regional configuration from where the services are accessed, etc.

3. Advertising cookies

These cookies enable the management, as efficiently as possible, of advertising spaces (if these are offered) that were included by the administrator to the website, application or platform from where the user is receiving the services he/she requested; said management is being carried out based on different criteria such as edited content or frequency of the advertisements shown on the site.

4. Behavioural advertising cookies

These cookies enable the management, as efficiently as possible, of the advertising spaces (if these are offered) that were included by the administrator to the website, application or platform from where the user is receiving the services he/she requested. These cookies store information about the user’s behavior obtained though on-going observation of his/her browsing habits, which enables the development of a specific profile and makes it possible to show targeted advertising.

5. Statistical analysis cookies

These cookies allow tracking and analysis of the behavior of users on the websites they browse. Information stored through these types of cookies is used to observe and measure the activity in websites, applications or platforms, as well as to produce browsing profiles of their users, all this being done in order to improve the services offered on basis of the data obtained from the user’s activity.

6. Third-party cookies

These are cookies that are sent to the terminal equipment of the user from an equipment or domain that is not managed by the administrator of the website, but by another entity who is processing the data obtained through the cookies. On some websites it is possible to install third-party cookies which make it possible to manage and improve the provided services, for example statistical services by Google Analytics or Comscore.

On this website the entity uses the following cookies which are described below:
Cookie nameTypeProviderCookie utilityDescription
httSessionCookie_XXXMandatoryInternalNavigationCookie necessary to have the user's browsing session identified
SESSIONMandatoryInternalNavigationCookie necessary to identify the user's session on the web
customLangMandatoryInternalNavigationUsed to display content in the language selected by the user
selectedCustomLangMandatoryInternalNavigationUsed to display content in the language selected by the user
currencyCountryMandatoryInternalNavigationIt allows to show the amounts in different currencies
gaCampaignMandatoryInternalAnalyticsIdentify the campaign
gaAffiliateMandatoryInternalAnalyticsIdentify the affiliate
gaSourceMandatoryInternalAnalyticsIdentify the source
gaMediumMandatoryInternalAnalyticsIdentify the medium
shownLeaveMessageMandatoryInternalNavigationIt is used to show a message only once before leaving the web during the reservation process
welcomeMessageMandatoryInternalNavigationShow a message the first time you access the web
didYouKnowMandatoryInternalNavigationShow a message the first time you access the web
metasearcherFlagMandatoryInternalAnalyticsMaintains the information of a metasearch engine
_gat_eccomerceMandatoryInternalAnalyticsOwn analysis of the booking engine to identify the sale and control errors
_gaAnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsAnalyticsUsed to distinguish users
_gidAnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsAnalyticsUsed to distinguish users
_gcl_auAnalyticsGoogle AdSenseAnalyticsUsed by Google AdSense to experiment with advertising efficiency on websites that use its services
_gatAnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsAnalyticsIt is used to differentiate between the different tracking objects created in the session. The cookie is created when the javascript library is loaded and there is no previous version of the _gat cookie. The cookie is updated every time you send the data to Google Analytics
TawkConnectionTimeAnalyticsTawt.toAnalyticsIdentify the user who is logged in to offer online assistance
_hjidAnalyticsHotjarAnalyticsSession cookie
_hjIncludedInSampleAnalyticsHotjarAnalyticsCookie to know if the user will go through the filter
_hjSessionTooLargeAnalyticsHotjarAnalyticsSession control cookie
pf-api-keyAnalyticsQubitAnalyticsThis cookie is used to identify the user during the session
pf-ticket-idAnalyticsQubitAnalyticsThis cookie is used to identify the user during the session
triptease-identity-dataAnalyticsTripteaseAnalyticsThis cookie identifies the user ID
tt-domain-user-idAnalyticsTripteaseAnalyticsThis cookie identifies the user ID
_dc_gtmAnalyticsGoogle Tag ManagerAnalytics
_fbpCommercialFacebookCommercialUsed by Facebook to provide a series of advertising products such as real-time bids from third-party advertisers
__ssidCommercialVE InteractiveCommercial
How to manage cookies in your browser?

Users have the possibility to allow, block or delete cookies installed in their equipment by means of configuring the settings of the browser installed in their terminal.

How to manage cookies on PCs

If you would like to allow the use of cookies on our website, please follow these instructions:

Google Chrome
  1. When you open the browser, go to 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select the 'Options' tab.
  2. Within 'Options' click 'Privacy'.
  3. Select 'Allow the use of cookies'.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0
  1. When you open the browser, go to 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select the 'Options' tab.
  2. Ensure that your 'Privacy' security level is set to medium or below.
  3. If the Internet settings are not set to medium level than the cookies will be blocked.
Mozilla Firefox
  1. When you open the browser, go to 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select the 'Options' tab.
  2. Select the 'Privacy' icon.
  3. Click 'Cookies' and select 'Allow sites to set cookies'.
  1. When you open the browser, go to 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select the 'Options' tab.
  2. Click the 'Security' tab and revise if the option 'Block third-party and advertising cookies' is selected or not.
  3. Click 'Save'.
Installation of cookies on Macs

If you are using a Mac and would like to allow the access of our cookies to your computer, please follow these instructions:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 for Mac OS X
  1. Go to 'Explorer' and select 'Preferences' on the navigation bar.
  2. Scroll down until you see 'Cookies' just below 'Receiving files'.
  3. Select the 'Never ask' option.
Safari for Mac OS X
  1. Go to 'Safari' and select 'Preferences' on the navigation bar.
  2. Click the 'Security' tab and select the option 'Allow cookies'.
  3. Select the option 'Only from site you navigate to'.
Mozilla and Netscape for Mac OS X
  1. Click on 'Mozilla' or 'Netscape' at the top of your browser window and select the 'Preferences' option.
  2. Scroll down until you see 'Cookies' just below 'Privacy and Security'.
  3. Select 'Enable cookies for the originating web site only'.
  1. Click on 'Menu' at the top of your 'Opera' browser window and select 'Settings' on the navigation bar.
  2. Select 'Preferences' and click the 'Advanced' tab.
  3. Select the 'Accept cookies' option. If you block the use of cookies in your browser, this may have the consequence that some of the services and functionalities of the website will not be available.

In order to get a more precise control on privacy, in some browsers specific rules can be set to manage cookies for determined websites. This means that cookies can be deactivated in all sites except for those that the user trusts.